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Infants Learn To Swim

Survival is first and foremost if we are to prevent accidental drowning in children.

Drowning is preventable however it is still the number one cause of accidental death in children under the age of five in Australia.  For every drowning there are many more near drownings, leaving children with permanent brain damage.

Our proven programs and unique methodology have saved many children’s lives – toddlers CAN save themselves in an aquatic emergency.

Our methodology and programs do work!

Our program is a “skill based” progressive program – participants will become more advanced in their SURVIVAL (not just “safety”) skills the longer they remain in the program.  Hence the reason why we advocate infants MUST complete the full program to gain maximum benefit from the program.

Accidental submersion can happen at any time, even to very young babies – long before they are crawling or walking and able to independently access a body of water themselves.  

Programs and the methodology used to teach babies, toddlers and young children vary greatly between swim schools.  Parents are usually unaware that each swim school has their own program and that the majority of infant swimming programs are just water familiarization, where the child learns to love the water but doesn’t learn the combination of skills required to independently save themselves if they fall into a body of water.  Hence the reason why parents need to do their research and not just go to the closest swim school because it’s more convenient!


Our program is designed to give infants, toddlers and young children the necessary skills to prepare them for the “unexpected” – an accidental fall into a body of water!

Our babies and toddlers are guaranteed to learn all the skills required to prepare them for the “unexpected”.

Come and join Kati our infant specialist with 15yrs experience teaching infants in our Indoor Heated pool set at 32 degrees all year round. Having a controlled environment enables lessons to be unaffected by wind, rain, sun or other elements.



Why are swimming lessons important for my child?

Swimming is one of the best ways to cool off in the summer heat. It is also great for your child’s health, well-being and confidence and it teaches them a respect for the water. Swimming and water familiarization is a fundamental skill that can help parents and children enjoy the Australian outdoor lifestyle.

When it comes to water and children, there are some important things to remember. Children around any form of water, from a bath to a swimming pool, must be supervised and within arm’s reach at all times. The Royal Life Saving Society Australia drowning report (2012), identified that of the 284 reported drowning deaths, 21 were children aged 0-4 years, highlighting the need now, more than ever, to get your child started in learning this life saving skill.

So when can my toddler start learning to swim?

The Australian Council for the Teaching of Swimming and Water Safety (AUSTSWIM) recommend infants from six months of age should participate in aquatic activity programs. Infants less than 6 months may not be physically or developmentally ready for any formal aquatic programs, but water familiarity can start at home with some fun play time in the bath.